What are the reasons that affect the performance of high-speed flexographic printing machines?

In the production of high-speed flexographic printing, the tension of the web is an important indicator that affects the performance of the high-speed flexographic printing machine. Therefore, before production, the paper tension should be calculated theoretically and the influencing factors in actual production should be considered to obtain the variation pattern of paper tension from paper feeding to paper output during the actual production process.
If the paper is still damaged during the printing process, the operator needs to feed it again. Usually, printing machines are equipped with automatic high-speed flexographic printing mechanisms. As long as the paper head is cut into triangles, the automatic high-speed flexographic printing mechanism can feed the paper. Afterwards, the printer can enter normal working mode.
In fact, the handling of paper breakage in paper printing machines is relatively easy. However, by studying the feeding tension of high-speed flexographic printing machines, it is possible to balance the feeding tension and maintain a uniform and stable speed of the paper strip entering the printing device, thereby achieving the goal of stable feeding, constant tension, and moderate size. The advantage of this method is that it can not only avoid paper damage, but also greatly improve printing efficiency and reduce the generation of waste. The printing system control is stable and fast, and the quality of printed products can be uniformly controlled.
What should be paid attention to when using high-speed flexographic printing machines? For high-speed flexographic printing machines, reasonable operation is more important. So, what are the requirements for using high-speed flexographic printing machines?
1. There is a large amount of dust in the storage environment. Dust is likely to enter the ink, adhere to the nozzle, enter the Inkwell and block the Inkwell.
2. If a negative pressure device is not installed, the ink level of the positive pressure ink bag is too low, requiring the ink level to be higher than the nozzle by more than 20cm. The height of the negative pressure ink bag is about 20cm lower than the height of the nozzle. If a negative pressure system is installed, excessive negative pressure can lead to insufficient ink supply and ink breakage during wire drawing.
3. The low temperature in winter leads to an increase in ink viscosity, a decrease in fluidity, printing failure or ink breakage.
4. UV ink curing is a fundamental knowledge. The nozzle is exposed to strong light, and the ink tube is exposed to strong light. It can cause ink drying and blockage, so the machine should not be placed in direct sunlight on doors and windows, nor should sunlight enter the printing workshop or high-speed flexographic machine room. Relying on indoor natural lighting, it is not easy to cause obstruction.
Weaving printing machine is a machine that prints text and images on woven bags. It belongs to the printing press. To maintain the printing effect, it is necessary to maintain it.
Machine readiness: Machine readiness can be detected by jogging or rotating. Then check if the installation position of the printing plate is suitable. If it is not suitable, it may cause printing failure, and in severe cases, it may damage the machine.
Machine lubrication status: Observe whether the machine oil circuit is smooth through oil stains. If there is no oil or the observation is unclear, stop the machine and check for oil leakage in the oil circuit. Therefore, it is important to observe for oil leaks before operation, which is also an important task to do before going to work every day.
According to the different solvents used, the ink of woven fabric printing machines can be divided into water-soluble ink, alcohol soluble ink, and non alcohol ink.
The diluent used in water-soluble inks is water, and the ink is acrylic ink, which has environmental characteristics, but the cost is about 30% higher than other inks.

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