How to reduce pollution during the operation of high-speed flexographic printing machines?

The ways to reduce pollution in high-speed flexographic printing machines are through printing materials, printing machinery, and printing technology. Here is how to do this.
1. Developing environmentally friendly ink
Green ink. It is composed of natural materials with good flowability, suitable for drying operations, and good adhesion.
At present, the overall development direction of inks is water-based environmentally friendly inks, solventless UV curing inks, specialized environmentally friendly inks suitable for different new materials, and the introduction of nanomaterials to form reducible high-performance inks.
2. Developing Waterless Offset Printing Technology
Alcohol vapor is one of the serious causes of harm to the pre press hygiene of cardboard boxes. Meanwhile, alcohol can pollute the environment. Clean alcohol fountains using waterless offset printing technology. Environmental protection has become increasingly important. At present, although there are few applications of waterless offset printing, from an environmental perspective, new technologies, materials, and processes that are conducive to environmental protection will have great development prospects in the future. With the development of digital printing technology, waterless offset printing will eventually become an important choice.
The working characteristics of a wide width high-speed flexographic printing machine:
1. The central imprinting cylinder maintains the accuracy of the overprint
The main feature of a wide and high-speed flexographic printing machine is that it shares a central embossing drum. Whether printing film or paper, the registration mechanism does not rely on a precise tension control system.
2. Sleeve roller and sleeve plate
When replacing orders 10 years ago, replacing the sleeve rollers and sleeve plates was very time-consuming. It takes a lot of time to lift and lower the printing plate roller with a crane. The 8-color order change operation usually takes 3-4 hours. But now we are using a sleeve structure.
3. The non-stop winding adopts DC motor control or variable frequency motor vector control
By utilizing the second stage control characteristics of the wide plate high-speed flexographic printing machine, it has good stability and high tracking performance, overcomes the shortcomings of the first-order linear link of the magnetic powder brake clutch system, makes tension control more stable, and consumes less during feeding.
4. Positive and negative film printing fluid for printing substrates
This utility model relates to a novel transfer printing device, which prints half a sheet of paper around a central drum and then transfers it to the other half through a 45 ° transfer printing mechanism. This allows for the actual effect of 8-color printing on 8 color groups. The other is to install an inversion device behind the central embossing drum to ensure that both sides can be printed.
5. Gearless transmission control mode
The application of gearless transmission in wide width high-speed flexographic printing machines is increasing. By addressing traditional gears, it is possible to avoid gear rod damage caused by operational errors. When the machine is running at high speed, the noise can be greatly reduced and the production speed can be greatly increased.
6. Closed scraper
Ten years ago, wide plate high-speed flexographic printing machines showed strong vitality after adopting a closed scraper system. In the process of high-speed printing, the Anilox will not throw out the ink when rotating at high speed, resulting in printing faults such as splashing. Solved the problem of a single scraper system

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How to reduce pollution during the operation of high-speed flexographic printing machines?

Green ink. It is composed of natural materials with good flowability, suitable for drying operations, and good adhesion.