Explain the basic structure of a paper cup printing machine?

From its name, we can tell what this device is used for. After continuous improvement, this product has more and more functions. In order to make more people familiar with it, the editor will introduce the basic structure of the paper cup printing machine. If you want to know, let's take a look together. I hope it can help you.
Paper cup printing machine is a very common equipment nowadays, and with it, it can provide work efficiency for enterprises. The specification of this product is generally 580 wide × 610 long × The height is 1080mm, and the weight of the machine is 120kg. During operation, the paper cup printing machine can transport normal specifications of paper and various irregular shapes of paper. It can also print 120 to 700 grams of self-adhesive trademarks and anti-counterfeiting labels, used for paper cup coated paper, paper cards, plastic sheets, leather and other irregular specifications and materials. It can be seen that its function is quite significant, and the printing speed is 4000-8000 sheets per hour when in use. Our company is a professional manufacturer of paper cup printing machines. If you need this product, you can directly call our phone number to place an order. Since the establishment of the company, we have continuously strengthened the construction of our R&D team and increased capital investment, striving to create a high starting point and high standard construction of enterprise hardware facilities, and solidify the foundation of internal management. And the main products are also quite diverse. If you have time, you can come here first to take a look, which may make you feel excited.
After understanding the basic information of the paper cup printing machine, let's take a look at its structure. This device is relatively simple to operate, and it has a small size, can print and cut well, various types of irregular paper, paper cup fan-shaped paper. Most manufacturers use single-phase (220V) power supply during production. And it is also equipped with a motor frequency converter, automatic voltage regulation, printing speed of 4000 to 8000 sheets per hour, and printing area of 4 ounces to 24 ounces. The device also has 17 ink leveling rollers, which can print various uneven dark and convex patterns. During operation, its printing ink layer is even, and the air suction belt transports paper. In this way, the stable transmission of various types of printing paper and cards is ensured, which are all its advantages. The paper cup printing machine also effectively prevents the occurrence of printed matter from getting dirty during paper supply. However, this type of mechanical equipment also needs to be properly maintained and maintained during use, in order to extend its service life. Because if you treat it the same way, it will treat you the same. If you haven't put this work on the agenda yet, you need to pay more attention.
The above article is about the structure of paper cup printing machines introduced by the editor. Once you see it, you will understand. If you have any questions about paper cup printing machines, please feel free to consult us at any time. Welcome domestic and foreign merchants to visit our company for inspection, negotiation, and ordering. We also hope to have more friends come to our company for in-depth communication and cooperation in all aspects.

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