Common faults and solutions of paper bag printing machines

The paper bag printing machine is a modern automatic printing equipment used for the production of hand bags and packaging bags. It can automatically cut paper during use, but some equipment may experience continuous cutting during operation. The reason for this failure is that the cutting knife is not sharp and needs to be removed and reground, and then reinstalled to cut the paper, It is also possible that the blade slider has been used for too long, causing wear and gaps, resulting in imbalanced cutting blades. This requires readjusting the balance between the upper and lower blades to smoothly cut the paper.
The paper bag printing machine can cut multiple sheets at once during automatic paper cutting, but sometimes there may be situations where the length and size of the cut paper are different. After this fault occurs, a layer of adhesive can be placed on the rubber stick behind the film, which can maintain balance with other materials and allow the machine to cut all the multiple sheets of paper at once. The paper bag printing machine can complete multiple processes such as automatic tin foil, automatic paper cutting, and automatic edge sealing. However, during the production process, workers may find that one side of the edge sealing is beautiful and the other side is not beautiful, which is also a malfunction. It is necessary to adjust the aluminum pressure roller to ensure that both sides of the edge sealing can be pressed, so that the edges pressed on both sides remain the same and beautiful.
In the process of producing paper bags, the paper bag printing machine needs to use adhesive strips to stick the cardboard together. However, during its work, there are often cases of misalignment of the adhesive strips, and sometimes the adhesive strips may even reach the conveyor belt. For this type of fault, it can be adjusted to the correct position through the later edge moxibustion machine. After adjusting the periphery to the correct position, the self-adhesive strips will not shift or run to the conveyor belt. When the paper bag printing machine is working, the front of the cold cutter will be blocked because the tape is too strong. Her effective solution is to use a Rubber band to stick a small piece of paper to the screw on the knife gauge, so that the cut tape can pass as soon as possible, and there will be no material jam, which can ensure the normal operation of this mechanical equipment.
During the printing process of the paper bag printing machine, there may be situations where the feeding is not smooth, and sometimes there may be situations where the film is not sensitive. In order to troubleshoot, the first step is to check if the film has been used correctly. Normally, the paper bags produced are monochrome, while the film is blue. If it is multicolored, it is necessary to use red. In addition, when printing different paper bags, it is necessary to replace the template in a timely manner, Adjust its printing pattern and color. These are all paper bag printing machines. Some Glitch often occur in the process of work, which can be solved without the help of professionals. However, when serious faults occur, workers cannot disassemble them at will, which will damage the precision parts inside and affect the normal performance of the machine.

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Common faults and solutions of paper bag printing machines

The paper bag printing machine is a modern automatic printing equipment used for the production of hand bags and packaging bags.

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