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Woven Cloth Flexible Printing Press

Woven Cloth Flexible Printing Press

Product Description

High-speed printing of roll materials in the printing and packaging industry such as woven cloth, plastic woven heat-sealed valve pockets, paper-plastic two-in-one seam bags, heavy bags.


● Water-based ink printing, green environmental protection, no pollution, in line with international environmental printing standards;
● Movable flip frame, the front and back printing can be combined at will, which can achieve the front: the number of colors on the back 2: 6, 3: 5, 4: 4, 5: 3, 6: 2, 7: 1;
● The printing unit is driven by a high-precision AC servo system, which is high-speed and efficient;
● You can select the flexographic "secondary overprint" operation mode;
● New type plate roller clutch pressure structure, manual electric double mode, fast plate roller replacement, adopt electric output and close high-precision macro adjustment plate roller pressure;
● The new drawer-type screen roller bracket adopts a new closed squeegee, which can accurately control the ink supply amount, make the ink supply stable, and further improve the printing quality; and solve the phenomenon of flying ink leakage;
● The closed loop constant tension design of high-precision tension sensor ensures accurate and stable printing tension;
● Automatic color registration control by horizontal and vertical two-way computer, accurate and stable overprint;
● High-resolution color still picture, convenient for observation of printing quality;
● Carbon fiber hot air drying unit, high efficiency and energy saving, and equipped with independent air intake and exhaust system;
● Enhanced water and ink drying channel adopts parallel open type drying light box structure, which is automatically disengaged with the host to ensure the picture quality of printed matter to the greatest extent;
● Distributed console for easy operation;
● High-power double-sided corona device, which can be started and stopped with the host. The corona output value is controlled by curve mode. The size of the corona value can be freely set according to the type of print and format, so that the corona value of the corona device follows the host speed and Intelligent adjustment of demand for printed products and curve mode control;
● Exclusive woven cloth exhaust structure, which has completely independent intellectual property rights;
● The machine is equipped with a remote fault diagnosis system, and the user does not need to pull a network cable to assign an IP address.

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